Ein richtig schöner

Ein richtig schöner Brief. Ein offener, von der Waschington-Post an deren Käufer, Jeff Bezos (ja richtig, der Amazon-Gründer hat die gekauft). Sie schreiben: Open letter to Jeff Bezos.

Here’s the thing: We were right to decline that story, Jeff, but, more to the point, our publisher was wise to LET us decline.

because the people above us trusted us, if grudgingly, and — more important — had our backs.

I was telling this tale of tolerated impertinence to Howard Simons,

He smiled and said that it embodied his most important principle as a newspaper manager: “Kick up, kiss down.” Aggravate your bosses, but make the people below you love and respect you.

Sag ich doch dauernd.


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